City of Walnut Creek

Above: Social media information cards designed for social media outreach and distribution at Walnut Creek events and city buildings. I hand drew these two designs in Adobe Illustrator to create a flat and colorful illustration to represent the City.

pg&e slide

Above: Television bulletin created for Walnut Creek public access station during fire season in California. I used Adobe InDesign to create this promotional graphic. 

Above: Promotional graphics designed for WCTV channel and monitors in the City Hall. These slides are just some of the 30+ designs I created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Above: Events postcard for created for Walnut Creek Downtown. This piece was created using Canva and Adobe InDesign.

Above: Presentation slides parodying the Price is Right game show designed for Walnut Creek’s Employee Institute. Custom graphic elements were hand drawn using Adobe Illustrator and slides were constructed in Adobe InDesign.

Above: Informational postcard designed for new meters outreach campaign. I created this card using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.